For truth and history, Experiences governance 1998-2000.



El Hoss, Salim



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Salim El Hoss, lebanon, lebanese politics, prime minister in Lebanon

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I sacrified many long years of my life in the service of the people amd the country.
By assassinating me politically, some wanted to erase my life history from the memory of this country.
My life history in the service of the country is the dearest possession that I own, and the most precious legacy that I leave to my grandchildren.
I am aware that every poliical career has a beginning and end. 
However, it is my right not to allow the remembrance of my life's work to fall victim to money, chauvinism, or propaganda. 
This is so, even if politics in Lebanon were to be seen as a game without rules; this is so, even if politics in Lebanon were to be seen as a jungle without a law. 
Often, an item of news in Lebanon is but as point of view. Often, the truth is simply the perception of the viewer. Often, the information media functions as the eyes of society in the perception of the truth. 
In this way postive aspects are exaggerated and negative ones covered up, alternatively, positive aspects are buried and negative ones are exaggerated. In this way success in politics is created, and in this way failure is brought about. In this way glories are constructed in public life, and in this way temples are demolished. 
I may have been correct in much of what I undertook to do, and been mistaken in some of it. 
I may have been successful in much of what I undertookto do, and failed in some of it. However, I do not regret anything that I did.
Whatever I was successful in and whatever I failed an was a fruit of my own hands, and it is god grants success. 
I did not at any time ask anything for myself, nor did my hands commit anything that would weigh down on my conscience.
Suffice it for me to say, in view of all that I encountered of obstacles, obstructions, and difficulties: god, I avow that I have tried.

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