Time of decision and caprice. Experience in governance in an era of division 1987-1990.



El Hoss, Salim



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Salim El Hoss, lebanon, lebanese politics, prime minister in Lebanon

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It is strange that reports regarding every criticl development that Lebanon has passed through have always taken on the aspect of representing the points of view of the conflicting parties rather than of expressing the reality of the situation or the objective facts. 
This verdict applies to most of the major events that have occurres in Lebanon since its inception. Whoever would doubt this need only review the tales that came out, some in the guise of history telling, regarding what happened in 1840 and 1860, as well as what was said about the developments and events that led to independence in 1943. They can take a look at how the events of the 1958"revolution" were portrayed, how the terms of office of Presidents Fouad Chehab and Charles Helou were evaluated, how the events that took place during the term of office of President Suleiman Franjieh culminating in the outbreak of the great crisis in 1975 were expained, and then how the string of tragic events that were recorded during the period of the bloody national crisis since that time were viewed. 
The book focuses on the periode of division in governmental authority in Lebanon together with the events leading to it and those resulting from it. It is the most critical and difficult period in the history of the Lebanese crisis and consequently of the modern history of Lebanon. 
As to Arabic title of the book, [which can be approximately rendered as " time of decision and caprice"], it expresses the reality of the period as manifested in the most prominent grave events that occurred during it. Many of the actions undertaken were moved bu the self-indulgent whims of domineering overlords, and many of the decision taken aimed at confronting the caprices of despotic powerbrokers.

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