Saadeh’s Dictionary, English-Arabic.



Saadeh, Khalil.


Librairie du Liban

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Second Edition




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english- arabic dictionary, linguistics, khalil saadeh

Large eto, L, 926 pp; three columns per page, b/w plates, 32 colour plates, additional colour plates illustrating Islamic works of art, introduction by D. S. MARGOLIOUTH, preface in English & Arabic by the author, Englis-Arabic. Hard Back title in dust wrappers. Copy in Mint condition, New. Su-title as follows: " A New And Exhaustive English - Arabic Dictionary Arranged On Totally Original Lines, With The View of Giving The English Language A Much Wider Scope In The East Than It Has Hiterto Had, And of Raising Arabic Into The Dignity of A Scientific Language. To Attain These Two Objects, The Author Has Coined New Arabic Terms, In Order To Give Arabic Equivalents For English Words In All The Departments of Science, Arts And Literature, To Meet The Requirements of The Modern Students of both Languages". Librairie Du Liban, Beirut, 19986.
Khalil Saadah ( 1857-1934). A Lebanese scholar who lived most of his life in exile in Egypt and South America. Saadah graduated in 1883 from the American University of Beirut as a medical doctor. He published in 1883 with two other colleagues the first medical journal in Arabic " Al-Tabib", [ The Doctor], and he published several books in Cairo, San Paulo and Argentina. This work was printed in Cairo during a period of seven years. Saadah in his introduction indicates the urgency of producing a modern dictionary because as he said :" As for earlier English - Arabic dictionaries which were deficient from the very begining, and were mere compilation of general words, the strides of science have not only left them behind, but rendered them antiquated, and more like geological relic than present day work". Saadah’s dictionary was the base of modern English - Arabic dictionaries, and still of great importance due to new terms that he introduced to Arabic language.

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