A Survey of Persian Art, from Prehistoric Times to the Present. (TWELVE VOLUMES)



Pope, Arthur Upham & Phyllis Ackerman.


Oxford University Press

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New York




Second Edition




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Art, Islamic Iranian Art, Persian Art, Islamic Architecture, Islamic Textile, Islamic rugs, Pope Arthur Upham

Volume I: Text: Pre-Achaemenid. Archaemenid and Parthian Periods: xxx, 492 pp. / Volume II: Text: Sassanian: xi, 493-895 pp. / Volume III: text Architecture, xi, 897-1445/ Volume IV: text: Ceramics, Calligraphy, Epigraphy ,x, 1446-1807/ Volume V: text: Art of the book. Textiles, x, 1809-2256/ Volume: VI: Carpets. Metalworks. Minor Arts & Index, ix, 2257-2817, +63 pp. Index/ Volume VII: Plates: Pre-Achaemenid. Achaemenid, Parthian & Sassanian Periods, xi+257 plates hors text/ Volume VIII: Plates: Islamic Architecture, xi, + plates Nos 258-510/ Volume IX: Plates: Architectural Ornaments. Art of the book, viii, + plates Nos 511- 554, plates Nos 812-980 mostly colour/ Volume X:  Plates: Pottery & Faience, ix, + plates Nos 555-811 plates/ Volume XI: Plates: Carpets ix, + Plates Nos 4407-1275/ Volume XII: Plates textiles, Metalwork Minor Arts, xi, + plate Nos 981-1106. + Volume XIII-Fascicle: text page A/I- A/66, Plates A/I-A/27, FIGS. A/I-A/20 ADDENDUM A_THE ANDARZ NAMA Proceedings, the IVth International Congress Of Iranian Art and Archaeology April 24-May 3, 1960. Missing Volumes 13 & 14. Hard back cover, two tone cloth white leather gilt spine and green cloth boards with gilt motif and titles on covers all uniform,  bookplate of Charles Kettaneh verso front cover, Published under the auspices of the Asia Institute of Pahlavi University Art, Tehran- Oxford University press, Oxford/ New York and Meiji Shobo Tokyo, Japan, 2nd edition, Set published 1964-1967. Set in very good condition. SHIPPING FREE
During the 1930s, the study of Iranian art and architecture was promoted intensively, and the widely held view that Iran has been the cultural centre of the Muslim world reached a climax. The pertinent events of the decade can hardly be understood without reference to Arthur Upham Pope (1881-1969) a pioneering American Expert on Persian/ Iranian art a professor of philosophy and aesthetics, archaeologist, political activist, museum director, and founder of an international scholarly organization. and Phyllis Ackerman- Pope and Ackerman (whom Pope eventually married ) were able to persuade some of the greatest authorities of the day to contribute the various chapters, 69 scholars among the John Allan, Prof. Jurgi Baltrusaitis, Stanley Casson, Dr. G. Contenau, R.S. Cooke, Dr. Neilson C. Debevoise, Cecil H. Desch, Rene Doussaud, Dr. Richard Ettinghausen, C.J. Gadd, Rene Grousset, Prof. Ernst Herzfeld, Kurt Erdmann, Samuel Flury, Andre Godard, C.J. Lamm, Losif Orbeli, Ernst Kuhnel, Louis Massignon and Ugo Monneret de Villiard and others.Some contributors, such as Robert Buron (1905 41) and Eric Schroeder (1904 71), conducted researches in Iran in the 1930s. while others such as Ettinghausen did not make the journey. Not all of the contributors were full-time academics: Ralph Hariri (1892-1969), a merchant banker and art collector, wrote a chapter on metalwork' (Stephen Vernoit, ed., Discovering islamic art. Scholars, collectors and collections, 185-1950 pp. 40-41). 

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